Recent Transactions

150 Room Hotel entitled for apartments with a 6,000 SF restaurant

Albuquerque, New Mexico

135 Unit Apartment Building

Albuquerque, NM

240 Unit Apartment Building

North Little Rock, AR

Welcome to Maryland Estates Inc.

The range of financial topics that are involved in finding, buying and managing real estate investments is significant.

The success of any investment has to be measured by a sound understanding of finance, valuations and calculations. At Maryland Estates we pride ourselves on how we apply this information to smart decision making with a proven track record of success.

With each of our acquisitions, our team of experts relies on a comprehensive understanding of the topics involved in calculating whether a particular investment has value to us. In addition we have seasoned tax professionals who know and understand the tax rules for real estate. This expertise and knowledge uniquely provides us the ability to analyze a property at any given moment and to determine how best to manage the asset to maximize return on investment. Please take a moment to learn more about our team by clicking here.

We are actively engaged in several states including California, Nevada, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado, Georgia, Florida and New York. We are aggressively pursuing value add properties throughout the United States and our overwhelming objective is to increase our acquisition of commercial properties in the forthcoming years.

Acquisition Criteria

Maryland Estates acquires and manages a wide sector of real estate investments across the United States. We work closely with a specialized network of brokers and bank contacts in the purchase and supervision of distressed and non-distressed properties. Our team is uniquely qualified to handle the acquisition, rehabilitation and management of various property types; specializing in multi housing, retail, offices and industrial/flex space. If you have a property which you think we would be interested in purchasing; please click here to submit your property. Our overriding objective always is to protect the contacts and brokers within our network to build upon the success we have enjoyed.